8mR Accommodations

Where to stay

As we are working towards the World Cup, we need to keep an eye on the actual Covid Situation. Therefore we have arranged risk free booking of locations in coordination with our event manager Judith. She will help in all bookings and sleeping questions you might have and will make sure there is a COVID-19 Cancelation Clause in your contract.

At the moment there is plenty of availability, but don’t wait too long! June 1st, our government will make the "make or brake” for event permits this summer. In the mean time we are going full steam ahead with making all the necesary arangements to make the 2021 World cup one to remember. We are confident in the possibility to race this summer

Please contact Judith Albers at 1202.[antispam].@8mrworldcup.com  for a risk free reservation of your stay at the best locations and we look forward to welcome you for fantastic racing this season.