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Pilot Gig - World Pilot Gig Championships 1-3 mei - geannuleerd

vrijdag 1 mei 2020

Iles of Scilly, Verenigd Koninkrijk

De organisatie van de World Pilot Gig Championships heeft het evenement van 1-3 mei 2020 helaas moeten annuleren. De onderstaande tekst is op 16 maart 2020 gekopieerd van de WPGC website:



The UK Government is considering a ban on large gatherings and WPGC2020 is cancelled. It cannot be rescheduled for this year.

The Isles of Scilly is a small community with a higher than UK average of elderly (and, therefore, vulnerable) people. We have an infrastructure which copes with day-to-day occurrences but would be overwhelmed by the impact of the coronavirus infection and that would have serious consequences. 
We must do what we can to protect ourselves and delay the spread. 

Registration fees will be refunded - there will be information on how that will be done posted here over the next few days.  

The next World Pilot Gig Championships will take place in 2021. 

​There will also be more information on WPGC2021 over the next few weeks
There is disappointment all round but in the light of the current crisis, this is the right decision.

For any queries, please contact us on sgigdlrow.[antispam].@gmail.com.
World  Pilot Gig Championships Committee.